American Leopard Bone Pillow

American Leopard Bone Pillow

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Here at Starlight Minky, we have a wide range of pillows and blankets for you to browse through. Our pillows offer excellent neck support and are lightweight. Additionally, they fit in handbags, backpacks, and luggage.

About Our American Leopard Bone Pillow

The American Leopard Bone Pillow features cute, black and white leopard prints. This bone-shaped pillow features a beautiful leopard print, great for those who adore a good animal print. Our minky bone shaped pillow is designed to offer the best neck support. From relaxing at home to traveling across the world, this plush neck pillow is the perfect cushioned companion. These pillows offer comfort and something to hug when you need one. The American Leopard Bone Pillow measures approximately 14” by 7” and features side loops (at both ends). You can use a carabiner to clip onto the side of a bag. Because the neck pillow is 100% polyester, it is machine washable.

Why Buy American Leopard Bone Pillows From Starlight Minky?

At Starlight Minky, we are a family owned business with a customer-first approach. We make the softest and most comfortable blankets and pillows to give you a cozy, luxurious experience no matter where you are. Our products are all professionally hand-sewn by stay-at-home moms and grandmas in the United States using industrial sewing machines. We always strive to provide great value to our customers.

For more information about our American Leopard Bone Pillow, feel free to contact us or email us today.