Create Your Custom Minky Blanket

Are you bored of looking at your plain old blankets? Do you wish to customize your very own blankets using ultra-soft minky fabric? Well, then you’re in luck. Now you can customize your very own minky blanket with any custom design and size of your choosing. However, if you are unsure of how to go about doing so, read on to have a clearer picture. 

What Is a Minky Blanket?

Minky blanket is a blanket made out of minky fabric which is a type of fleece fabric produced from 100% polyester fibers. Minky fabric was commonly used to make soft furnishings for babies due to its super soft feel. It is also suitable for babies as it keeps them warm but is also lightweight hence poses less of a risk to the babies. It is also easy to maintain. Recently, minky fabric is not only used by babies but has become well-loved by people young and old. The most popular items made from this fabric are blankets, throws, toys, and pillows. Minky blankets can come in every color and design imaginable hence you are sure to find something that suits your taste.

What Are the Types of Minky Blankets?

There are different types of minky fabrics that are used to produce minky blankets:

  • Dotted Minky: This type of minky has a raised dot pattern and possesses a short-pile length.
  • Striped Minky: Minky stripe feels soft and mimics the luxury of fur. It has a long pile length.
  • Smooth Minky: This is a common type of minky that feels smooth and with a pile length that is uniform throughout. 
  • Swirled Minky: This type of minky has a unique swirly pattern that looks like a rose flower. It is relatively long-piled. 

What Other Features of Minky Blanket Should I Look Out for?

Besides the type of Minky blanket you can choose, you can also look out for these other characteristics and pick the ones that are suitable for you:

  • Length of the pile: Pile length is the length of the fibers in the fabric. Longer pile lengths exude more softness and luxury while short-piles are smoother to the touch. Longer pile lengths also provide more warmth hence is perfect for colder seasons. If you live in a warmer and humid environment, you can opt for a shorter pile length.
  • Quality: Minky fabric itself is expensive but rest assured that the quality of the fabric is long-lasting and will remain soft for a long time. 
  • Designs: As Minky blankets come in many different designs and colors, you can choose the designs that best fit your interior as well as your taste. You can even choose a custom design and size to be made especially for you. The possibilities are endless.

Minky blankets are made to be soft, warm, luxurious, and comfortable. They are suitable for babies as well as adults. There are many types of minky fabric blankets with different pile lengths, qualities, and designs. Now it is possible to customize your very own minky blanket with your chosen custom design and size so that you will get the perfect blanket just for you!