About Us

Starlight Minky was created and formed on the principle of families. Prior to creating this small business, most of our family were already sewing professionally at different jobs in Utah. We made bows, shirts, undergarments, slings, and more using industrial machines for various companies. We decided to come together and use our talents of over 80 years in working in the sewing industry and try blankets after a friend introduced us to minky. We fell in love with the fabric and that is where it all began. 

Starlight Minky was created for the purpose of making soft, high quality blankets while keeping families first. Our goal is to bring a product that everyone can enjoy at an affordable price without cutting quality. We only use minky from Shannonfabrics, Michael Miller, and Spoonflower so our customers know they are getting the very best. Minky is quite expensive, but we do our best to keep it at a great price. As we continue to grow, we will always look for the best and highest quality items for our customers. Whether that is fabric, stitching, customer service, type of machines, and more.

All of our items are sewn with industrial machines so your blanket gets the very best stitch. Everything is made right here in the Utah and Idaho from college aged students to stay-at-home moms and grandmas. We feel blessed to have such a great opportunity and love what we do. We have met so many great people around the world from this little business and we appreciate everyone. We could not do this without all the great knowledge people have shared with us over this time. We know time is precise so when people give us their time it means a lot. 

All of us here would just like to thank you for looking into our small business. If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns please feel free to send us a message. We would love to hear from you. We are committed to our customers as we also consider them family. Thank you once again.