Product Care Instructions

Our minky blankets can be either professionally dry-cleaned or machine-washed. As opposed to the blankets that many of us have used in the past, that tend to become dull and clump up after washing, our blankets will appear almost brand new for several years even after multiple washes, provided you follow our minky care instructions. 

Minky Care Instructions 

We suggest you use the same procedure you would use to clean any other fine washable fabric – using cold water and a bar of gentle soap, putting your washing machine on “gentle cycle”, and “tumble dry”, not applying any heat!

We cannot stress more on the last tip enough about not using any heat, both in the dryer and in the water, to ensure your blanket keeps looking brand new for several years down the line, even after multiple washes. If you use heat, the long acrylic fibers “clump” together. Another extremely important thing is to set your washing machine on a “gentle” cycle. 

What's more, is that your minky blanket will actually become softer once you wash it. A substance known as “sizing” is used to facilitate the manufacturing process and removing it will make your blanket even more comfortable and plush. 

Certain individuals prefer professional dry cleaning. We just recommend ensuring the dry cleaner you choose is experienced in cleaning this type of product. Even though your minky blanket can be cleaned quite easily, you do not want someone practicing or experimenting on your lovely blanket. 

Ideally, a minky blanket should be hung on a line and allowed to dry naturally. Wringing this costly blanket is definitely not something you should do. Nevertheless, there are commercial-grade dryers in the market that have a “no heat” option. You can use this option to tumble dry your minky blanket. It’s essential to keep in mind that other dryer settings aren’t appropriate for minky fabric. If you don’t want your expensive minky blanket to deteriorate quickly, you should be careful using it. Bear in mind that the heat can melt the acrylic fibers. Thus, you don’t want your minky blanket to appear knotted or matted. 

Hanging Instructions for Minky Blankets 

Several people use our minky blankets for wall hangings. Since they are so lightweight, we recommend just using small finish nails to hang them on the wall. Even though you can build a mounting bracket that the blanket can attach to, it is much simpler to use small finish nails to nail it to the wall. 

Nevertheless, if you want, it would be quite easy to just nail or staple the blanket to a piece of thin molding and then attach this to the wall too. 

Mounting it to concrete or brick is a little more challenging. We suggest asking an expert at Home Depot or any other hardware store for recommendations. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding minky care, feel free to get in touch with us. You can email us at or message us on our Facebook page