Our Product Differences

Minky is the ultimate contemporary microfiber plush fabric used to make bed sheets, blankets, quilt backing, pillow covers, tag blankets, toys, home décor, backpacks, and several other things. Minky fabric is smooth, silky soft, and luxurious. It is so plush and cuddly that no one will be able to resist it's unbelievable softness. 

We specialize in making blankets with minky fabric that is perfect for people of all age groups. They are as soft as chinchilla fur or real mink. Along with warming the person, minky blankets provide a soft feeling and special comfort. Minky fabric is available in several different designs, colors, and textures.

Starlight Minky is incredibly proud to manufacture accessories including pillow covers, pillows, blankets, and other accessories for all sizes and ages. Continue reading to find out more about our product differences. 

Our Product Differences

Starlight Minky products are made using minky fabric that brings comfort and warmth to adults, teenagers, and children. We customize our blankets and other accessories to match your style and needs. You can simply choose your design and size to create any pillow cover, blanket, or any other accessory that’s perfect for you and will match the design and color of your furniture and room. 

The Minky fabric we use to make our products has been tested for lead and has cleared all government regulations. We also comply with all the guidelines of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

The quality of the minky fabric we use is just incredible. The colors will not fade, and the blankets will not lose their warmth even after multiple washes. It is highly absorbent, fast-drying, and actually very strong, and as opposed to true mink, minky fabric is totally vegan. Your minky blankets will come out of the washing machine looking brand new each and every time. 

Taking care of minky fabric is also pretty simple. Just machine wash using cold water, avoid using fabric softeners, and air dry.