From Then To Now: A History Of Minky

The popularization of minky products was contributed by a minky mania that hit the scene a few decades ago. Every holiday or birthday is no longer complete without the gift of a luxuriously soft blanket, apparel, or pillow, yet not many people know about the history of minky and where it all began.

The History of Minky

If you’re a newcomer, you might be wondering about what the fuss is all about, what this material is, whether it is natural, and when it was invented. Its beginnings concern the discovery and synthesis of polyester, the fabric minky originates from. Polyesters occur naturally in plants and are also secreted by ground-nesting bees to line their soil-laden habitats as a barrier against fungal disease and flooding. The synthetic polyester we all know and love was only invented in 1939 for mass production. The material became prevalent in the 1950s due to its durability and resistance until the 1970s, where it developed an ill reputation as a cheap and uncomfortable fabric due to the coarseness of the material. Thanks to advancements in technology, polyester has completely been revamped to look and feel just like real silk and has become one of the most recognizable and marketable textiles in the world today. One of the most popular fabrics that derived from this material is the minky fabric, a new cozy fabric that began to sweep the country as the reputation for these super soft and plush blankets became common knowledge among people.

What is Minky? 

Prized for its silk-like qualities but without the price tag and care hassles that come with silk, minky fabric is 100% made from polyester, is ultra-soft to the touch, dries quickly, and retains unprecedented flexibility. Supposedly, it is the best quality polyester material that exists to date, and its characteristics make it the ideal fabric used for baby blankets, clothing, accessories, and pillows. The best thing about minky is that the material is low maintenance, with the use of the right laundry soap, cycle, and temperatures to protect the fibers when you launder them. Putting it in the dryer is also fine if you only use cool temperatures.

What is Minky Used for?

Because of its durability, softness, and low maintenance, minky is one of the most multipurpose and useful fabrics. It is ideal for baby blankets, soft toys, bootees, clothes, bibs, and seat covers. With minky also being perfect for household items like throws, pillows, blankets, curtains, quilt backings, and even slippers, the list of uses for this fabric is almost endless. With it being available in lots of different colors, designs, and prints at an affordable price, getting one for yourself or a loved one will surely spark joy in your life.

Get Minky Products at Starlight Minky 

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