How To Choose The Best Blanket For You

After a long day, there are few things in life better than climbing under a toasty blanket that offers just the right kind of comfort. However, finding the best blanket can be surprisingly difficult with a myriad of options to choose from. More importantly, because the choice of your blanket affects your quality of sleep, choosing the best one for yourself is paramount. Here are a few of the common blanket features and their benefits to help you decide on your ideal blanket.

Finding the Best Blanket Material

While searching for the ideal blanket that will make your bed truly cozy, keep in mind as with most sleep accessories, there is no single perfect fit for everyone. The best blanket for you should be based on your specific preferences, requirements, budget, and the climate you live in. Every material has a plus point of its own, and the most common ones are as follows:

  • Cashmere – these blankets usually cost more, are obtained from cashmere goats, and provide extra insulation to keep you warm on chillier nights.
  • Wool – this material is slightly less costly than cashmere but provides significant warmth and offers antibacterial properties.
  • Cotton – as the most affordable fabric, it is easily one of the most popular materials that provide enough warmth.
  • Polyester – while it isn’t as breathable as cotton, it is a more affordable option providing the required warmth.
  • Fleece – on top of providing comfort and warmth, it is pleasantly soft.
  • Down – if you are looking for a luxe and long-lasting material, down is ideal for providing warmth during the winter.
  • Minky – this material is made fully from polyester while having silk-like qualities, which makes it ultra-soft to the touch.

The Right Blanket Weave for You

Along with fabrics, blankets also have different weaves to provide varying levels of warmth and weight, so choose one that perfectly suits your preferences. The four types of weaves include:

  • Thermal – commonly found in cotton blankets, the thermal weave has a loose construction which allows for air to circulate easily. This material is perfectly cool for the summer months.
  • Quilted – these blankets contain several layers and are usually used for weighted and down blankets to keep the insulating materials inside from shifting.
  • Knit – mostly used for wool and synthetic blankets, knit weaves provide more comfort and warmth since they are tighter, leaving no room for airflow.
  • Conventional – this typical blanket weave is very tight, creating excellent insulation for body heat.

Stay on Budget

On average, plan on spending anywhere from $5 to as much as $150 for a blanket found at a local store depending on the material, with cashmere carrying a heavier price tag and fleece being the most affordable. There is no need of splurging on a luxurious blanket only for it to leave a hole in your wallet. It’s possible to find one within your price range that will do exactly what you need it to with a bit of research.

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