How To Create A Blanket Fort For Your Kids

Are your kids bored of staying indoors all day? Are you out of ideas on how to entertain your kids at home? Here’s an idea, why not build a blanket fort together! It is definitely a fun activity that the whole family can get involved in and bond together. The fun starts when you start building the fort and does not end until you take it down.

What Is a Blanket Fort?

Blanket forts are well… forts made up of blankets! It is mainly a space that you set up using blankets and also other soft furnishings such as cushions, pillows, tablecloths, and more. You can use the fort as a more intimate setting to watch movies or tell spooky stories. You can make the fort as small or as big as you like. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination! 

What Do I Need to Build a Blanket Fort?

There are a few things you need to build a blanket fort and most of them you can easily find around your house. Don’t get overwhelmed though, as the only basic things you need are mainly blankets that you can drape on your furniture such as chairs or sofas. Other materials are a great addition to expand your fort but are not necessary if you wish to keep it simple.

Here are the materials you need:

  • All kinds of blankets (such as bed blankets, throw blankets, or kid blankets), tablecloths, or bedsheets for the walls and ceiling of your fort
  • Sofa cushions or pillows to put on the floor of your fort
  • Any type of clips such as laundry clips, clothespins or binder clips to secure your sheets together
  • Long string or wire if you wish to tie them to doorknobs 
  • Heavy, non-fragile items such as books to hold sheets in place on higher surfaces such as tables or shelves

How Do I Build a Fort?

There are many types of forts you can build, from super basic forts to bigger and more complex forts. Here are some examples:

  • Super Simple Blanket Fort

All you have to do is drape some sheets over a table to create a cozy space for any kind of activity. If you want to make it larger, extend it by draping more sheets over some chairs.

  • Hanging Line Blanket Fort

If you want a blanket fort with a high ceiling, use a long string, wire, or clothesline and hang it high across the room. Drape the blanket or sheets over the wire, spread them as far as you can, and weigh the edges down with a heavy item on the floor or on a higher surface like a chair or table. Alternatively, you can also hang up two wires in parallel and drape blankets over them so that you can have an even larger space.

To make the fort comfortable and fun, you can add some finishing touches such as:

  • Hanging some fairy lights
  • Placing a fan inside to keep things cool
  • Bringing in games, movies, or books
  • Bringing in some yummy snacks

Building a blanket fort is fun and a good bonding activity to do as a family. You can easily build forts using blankets, sheets, and anything lying around your house. Add some entertainment such as games, books, and snacks to make the space complete.