Make Your Home Cozier With Throw Blankets And Pillows

Regardless of the size or style of a room, the ‘twin towers’ of home decorating – throw blankets and pillows – add loads of personality on top of coziness. In addition to being functional, these common accessories add patterns, color, and warmth that elevates a house to a home. Although they are soft, they’re not all fluff. When it comes to decorating your home, adding a throw blanket and pillow will pack a ton of punch and bring out the subtle design features in a space. To harness the full potential of these items, we’ve rounded up a few tips that will make your styling process a lot more seamless.

Size is Crucial

When selecting throw blankets and pillows, size plays a significant role. Because these items are accents to furniture, they shouldn’t be too big that they eat your entire sofa, and they shouldn’t be so small that they look like an afterthought. As for pillows, start by deciding what your largest size could be and work your way down to the smallest. Find the right size first before considering or buying covers to achieve your desired look. When it comes to blankets, it’s easy to know when bigger ones are ideal. We suggest you lean towards a bigger throw for couches. You want a complement to the furniture, so the blanket needs to have some presence. On the other hand, smaller blankets are ideal if you wish to add a pop of color or texture more for décor and style rather than functionality. Small is also perfect if the pattern, color, or presence is bold. 

Rule of Three

‘Rule of Three’ is a design principle that offers a great start for those trying to determine how many pieces are needed and to get familiar with working in odd groups to achieve a more modern or eclectic look to their arrangement. Asymmetrical numbers are more visually appealing as compared to symmetry when it comes to home décor. Keep things interesting by switching it up with three pillows and one blanket or two-layered blankets with one pillow. If you own multiple blankets and want to incorporate all the pieces into your space, try putting them in a basket.

Mix Patterns and Textures 

By mixing styles and prints, you’ll elevate the intrigue to keep the eye engaged. It can be intimidating initially, so find inspiration boards and examples of pattern mixing that suit your space. Begin by picking an odd number of pillows with a unifying aspect, like color, pattern, or theme. Matching isn’t a priority as much as complementing, so just have fun with it. When putting together your ideal space, don’t forget about layers and balance. Build layers up from the biggest items in your space like throw blankets, and then add pillows on top as a final layer.

Get Throw Blankets and Pillows from Starlight Minky

Throw blankets and pillows are some of the easiest ways to add some personality to your space, on top of functionality. When it comes to decorating your home, never underestimate the value there is in using these everyday essentials to make a space feel complete without compromising on functionality. 

If you have any inquiries about the wide variety of throw blankets and pillows we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today.