Storage And Organization Tips For Your Blankets

Are you obsessed with blankets and just have too many of them? Then it must be a hassle to think about how and where you can store these blankets. Let’s look at some storage and organization tips you can use for your blankets.

Why Is Proper Blanket Storage Important?

As blankets come into contact with your skin for potentially a long time, it is important to take care of their hygiene. This includes storing blankets properly so that they maintain freshness and do not get infested by bugs or dust, as this can cause allergic reactions or itchiness to anyone who uses them after you dig them out of the storage. Hence, it is important to wash your blankets before storage and properly store them so that they remain clean. 

Organizing and Storing Blankets That Are Used Often

If you are looking for ways to store blankets that are often used, you will want to organize them in a way that is very accessible. Here are some ideas: 

  • Place throw blankets in a nice basket in the living room so that whenever you want to get comfy on the couch, you can easily reach into the basket for a nice blanket
  • Drape throw blankets on the couch, where it will look great and give the room a cozy vibe
  • Place your kids’ blankets in a bin that is specifically for their blankets, you can place the bin on a shelf in their room or in their closets for easy access, and you can do this for adult blankets too
  • Fold and hang blankets on a leaning ladder rack (usually used to hang towels) to keep your room neat and make blankets accessible, ensure the ladder is screwed to the wall though, as the weight of the blankets may cause the ladder to topple

Organizing and Storing Blankets That Are Used Rarely 

If you have extra blankets that you don't use often, it may be a hassle to think of where to store them as they take up a lot of space.  Here are some space-saving ideas on storing and organizing them: 

  • It is highly recommended to keep all rarely used blankets in a closed storage bag or vacuum-sealed bags before storing them anywhere to keep them clean and free of dust and bugs that may hang around your storage spaces
  • Keep adult blankets under the bed in a storage bag
  • You can also store them at the top or the back of your closets 
  • Store them in a spare room
  • You can also store them in storage bins

As we have explored in this article, storing and organizing blankets need not be a big hassle. For blankets that you use often, you can utilize the spaces you already have or use the blankets as decoration, making it easy to reach for them whenever you need them. For blankets that are rarely used, keep them clean and hygienic by storing them in closed storage bags or vacuum-sealed bags to keep the dust and bugs away. Then, store them in places that don't get in the way.