Trendiest Blanket Designs

Soft and high-quality blankets are not just functional, they can help with adding a sense of luxury and class to any home. These days, blankets are not just used for covering our bodies and keeping warm. Instead, they are often used to add color, texture, and vibrancy to couches, bedding, and other furniture around your house. The right blanket will help to ensure that the right ambiance and mood are achieved in the place you call home. When you work with Starlight Minky for your blanket solutions, you will find that there are so many affordable options that we offer to boost the aesthetic appeal of your living space. 

Type of Fabric 

Before you pick a blanket on an impulse buy, there are some factors which you should consider. One of these factors includes the type of fabric that is used to make the blanket. First, ask yourself what your needs and preferences are. Do you want something that is wooly, cool, fluffy, or heavy? Or do you want a combination of these characteristics or other factors? If you are looking for something fuss-free, durable, and attractive to the eye, you should consider getting a minky blanket. 

What is minky made from? To put it simply, they are made fully from polyester. Typically, you will see that 100% polyester is often used in products that are meant to be extra soft, such as baby clothing and blankets. Minky blankets look and feel luxurious, and can provide a great deal of warmth without being bulky. You can also place them in any room as throws. With the dual purpose of keeping you warm and comfy, and giving your interior design more depth, what’s there not to like about minky blankets? 

Variety of Designs 

With minky blankets, the possibilities when it comes to choosing a design are almost endless. They are sewn by hand and made by humble grandmothers, students, and mothers. With delicate hand stitching, you can rest assured that you will be getting only the best blankets in different designs and sizes to your liking. 

Animal Cruelty

If you are worried that buying a minky blanket would mean supporting an industry that is destructive to our ecosystem, you’d be surprised. Although their names are similar, minky blankets are not made with mink fur. In fact, they are free from animal by-products. Instead, minky is a synthetic material that is meticulously processed until the ultimate softness can be achieved. Minky blankets have even been compared to the textures of fleece and silk, which are both known to be symbols of luxury. 

Are They Worth It?

While no one can dictate how much an item might mean to you, there are only advantages to owning a minky blanket. First of all, you will be able to enjoy a product that is soft and smooth as silk, without having to pay for the price of authentic silk. Secondly, minky does not get less soft over time, unlike many other blanket materials. They can withstand the test of time and do not require much maintenance.