Unmatched Quality

Blankets / Pillows

Our minky blankets and products are made with high quality minky that is super soft and comfortable. What’s more, all our products are professionally sewn by grandmothers and moms across the US with industrial sewing machines to offer the best stitch possible. 

Our minky blankets consist of several unique colors and popular collectible prints of some of the most luxurious and softest blankets you will get anywhere! Along with our plain colors, we also have giraffes, unicorns, deer, fox, owls, honey bees, leopards, and a lot more. 

The Secret Behind Our Blankets 

Our secret is the high quality minky that we use! The blanket’s quality is significantly impacted by the fiber’s quality. While every manufacturer has access to high quality acrylic, the majority of them use lower-priced acrylic to reduce the blankets costs. Most of the blanket’s cost is determined by the materials cost. Lower cost acrylic, and hence, lower-priced blankets result in lower quality blankets. 

Even though a lot of people correlate softness with quality, there are plenty of other more important qualities that impact quality other than softness. The actual defining feature of quality is what the blanket looks like after it has been washed multiple times. 

We only use high quality minky from known manufacturers such as Michael Miller, EZ Fabrics, Spoonflower, and Shannon Fabrics, so our customers know they are only getting the best. Blankets made with high quality minky will feel just as new even after several washes. It is the washability feature that’s a true sign of quality, making the blanket incredibly soft and look beautiful. Our blankets won’t shrink, shedd, fade, “draw” up at the edges, or show any signs that inferior quality, lower-priced blankets will show. 

As we continue to expand, we will always look for the highest and best quality items for our customers. Whether that is the fabric, stitching, type of machines, customer service, and more. As a matter of fact, all our products are sewn with industrial machines to ensure your blanket gets the best possible stitch. We make everything right here in Idaho and Utah from college-going-students to stay-at-home grandmas and moms. We feel lucky to have such an excellent opportunity and love what we do!

In plain words, you simply won't believe how cuddly, beautiful, and sift our minky blankets are! No other blankets in the market can match ours, either in beauty or softness, much less having both qualities in the same line. When you see our designs and colors, you won't be able to look away! Check for yourself. 

The Novatex or San Marcos blankets from Mexico cannot match our quality. Neither can the blankets from Fingerhut, Biederlack, or Ibena match up to our minky blankets in overall washability, softness, colors, beauty, quality, or designs. 

On a side note, a lot of minky blankets will actually become softer after they have been washed. This is because certain blanket manufacturers apply a starch-like substance to the fabric to enhance the manufacturing process. Washing eliminates this substance, resulting in an even softer blanket.